Friday, March 8, 2013

Skin Care Salon and Tanning Salons

When comparing skin care and Albuquerque NM tanning salon Locations, it's important to choose the salon that provides the best service for what you need. With nail salons that do facials, and hair salons that do nails, it's hard to know where to go to get your hair cut or your skin tanned. Most skin care beauty salons offer a variety of services including hair care, nail care, skin care, waxing and even tanning. In most cases, tanning salons offer only tanning services and specialize in tanning products. Tanning services, however , may be offered at both a beauty salon and a tanning salon if they are a premium business in order to better serve the needs of their clients.

The Beauty Salon

Beauty salons offer a variety of skin and hair care services, from hair care to nail care, and sometimes they even have tanning beds for their customers. The most popular skin care services at a beauty salon are typically hair and makeup. However , if you need nail services or sunless, tanning and you're already getting your hair done, it's convenient to get everything done in the same place. However this convenience can come with a hidden price in the form of reduced quality in the tanning bed equipment, bulb freshness, and a general misunderstanding of the proper use of a stand up tanning bed by the salon's owners or manager.

Tanning Salon

Tanning salons traditionally offer just tanning services. They may have different types of tanning beds, standing tanning beds, and other high end tan equipment or products, and even spray tanning, but rarely do you find a tanning salon that offers other beauty and skin care services. Upscale Tanning salon locations typically have membership rates that allow clients to purchase a package of tanning sessions, or unlimited tanning for the month, at a rate that is less than the one-time, drop-in rate. In most cases, tanning salons carry luxury tanning lotions and oils that a beauty salon do not have, simply because the majority of the beauty and skin care salon's business does not come from tanning. If you're looking for an indulgent tanning experience, rather than just functionality, a tanning salon may be the perfect option for you skin.

However, before you get too excited about your luxury tanning experience, remember that using any tanning bed puts you at a higher risk for skin cancer. Ask your tanning salon if they offer a safe spray-on tan option. If you choose to tan in a tanning bed, protect your skin as much as possible using at least some SPF lotion and go to a salon with a good reputation that has regular maintenance on their high-end tanning beds. In addition to risking your skins health, indoor tanning is costly. Assuming you pay around $30 per session, you can expect to pay around $600 just to obtain a nice base tan. Even with the UVA only beds, you will still be putting down a lot of cash to maintain your skins warm summer glow into the winter months.

If you are looking for a safer and more economical way to tan, consider one of the many varieties of sunless tanners available for purchase. They are much more inexpensive than indoor tanning and are worlds safer for your skin. Some great brands include Banana Boat and Coppertone.

Many still associate sunless tanners with the stigma of having orange stained skin as a result. However these products have improved greatly since your last attempt at using them. Now able to quickly deliver a natural color, countless women are beginning to turn to these bottled tans rather than going the old fashioned route. The recent negative press regarding summer skin health has caused both genders to be more conscientious about the state of their skin.
If you are still considering visiting an indoor tanning salon, remember there are certain people who should absolutely abstain from such practices.

Some examples of these include:

• Individuals under 16 years of age
• Those who have a history of severe sunburns
• People with fair or pale complexions

If you cannot achieve a tan naturally in the sun, you will not achieve it under artificial light. Just like in nature, a tanning bed will cause you to burn or not tan at all.